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Uniform Part Sourcing™ - UPS ™ Change suppliers to save money while maintaining quality and eliminate errors.

Spray Nozzle performance is critical to good paper making. Changing suppliers to maintain your competitive edge can lead to errors with complicated part number changes.

This a valid concern– and one that we address in our UPS™ nozzle program.

In the past— changing vendors for a specific consumable item or numerous items meant having to change the part number and perhaps even the description. Making changes such as these opens the door for typographical errors. Also part number usage history and costing information can be lost. Our UPS™ nozzle program prevents these issues.

In order to make the transition as easy as possible to SPG Brand Nozzles and begin enjoying the cost savings we are pleased to introduce to you our Uniform Part Sourcing™ program for use as replacements for your existing Spraying Systems Co., Kadant AES, Lechler and other brand nozzles.


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Welcome to SPG  

SPG is the premier supplier of quality products, services, and supplies to the pulp and paper industry.

With headquarters in Greenville, SC, SPG has a vast network of experienced pulp and paper industry sales and service personnel throughout the United States and Agents to serve our International Customers. Pulp and paper industry backgrounds ranging from experienced Papermakers, Maintenance Superintendents, Maintenance Planners, Papermakers, Mechanical Engineers, Process Specialists, Machinists and various Technical Trade personnel are what what make SPG the premier supplier of papermaking consumables and capital equipment.

Several recognized pulp and paper industry schools have at least one graduate in the ranks at SPG and each individual has a level of pulp and paper industry experience in excess of 20 years.

SPG is very proud to provide Specialty Chemicals, Consumables, in mill services and Capital Equipment.

SPG eagerly participates with our paper mill / paper machine customers in various procurement methods - i.e. CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)  First Tier / Quick Hitter Supplier Opportunities /  Lean Manufacturing / Proactive Replacement Parts and Maintenance Management / Paper Machine Uptime Improvement / Lean Production Supply Chain programs and other material procurement programs tailored specifically for each of our Paper Machine - Pulp and Paper mill Customers.  Typical quick hitter opportunities such as Spare Parts and consumable commodity procurement programs cover our entire product and service spectrum ranging from Poly Disc Saveall Disk Sector rebuilding and poly cover replacement / rebagging, cleaner cone replacement wear resistant wear components, paper machine chemicals, pumps, doctor blades, shower nozzles for felt and wire cleaning, Matt peeling saveall purge nozzles, self purging paper machine shower nozzles (air purge and spring purge types), segmented bowed rolls, non working rolls, chilled calendar stack rolls, roll recovering, Suction Roll Seal Strips, Gravity and Vacuum wear surface foils, poly cover and more. 


SPG spends a great deal of time onsite to ensure we are there to serve our customers in all areas -including auxiliary process paper machine goods along with a very high level of continuous and aggressive customer service and post sales support in all areas of the paper mill both directly on, around, before and after the paper machine itself.

For more information about our Quick Hitter and other lean supply chain management solutions please contact info@soupap.com or your SPG Sales Representative.

From a beginning in 1998 when SPG provided these quality pulp and paper industry services, products, and supplies to the pulp and paper industry in the Southeastern United States we now have customers in regions of the world.

Southern Paper Group welcomes the Opportunity to Serve You for all of your Pulp and Paper Machine new and replacement parts and specialty chemical requirements.

Thank you for visiting our website - please have a safe and excellent day!




PMB #175, 419 The Parkway, Greer SC 29650

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